Collect Points. Get Free Stuff!


When you interact with POINTRICITY partners, you are automatically awarded points. The more points you collect, the more free stuff you can get. The best part? It’s absolutely free.

how pointricity works

Pointricity rewards you for your time and actions. Whether it is visiting a store, attending a webinar or completing a survey, with Pointricity you can collect points for your actions and exchange those points for great stuff.


Engage with Partners

After you sign up you will have access to Pointricity partner events. When you participate in those events you are automatically awarded points. The more you interact, the more points you collect. The best part? Pointricity is free!


Attend and Collect

These events might be a visit to a local store, a sales meeting or completing an online survey. All you have to do is participate to get points! With Pointricity, you get rewarded for your actions!


Redeem for Free Stuff

Once you've collected enough points you can redeem them for great stuff right on Pointricity. Redeem for stuff ranging from gift cards to a big screen TV. All you have to do is participate and collect. The more you collect the more stuff you can get. Free!

Time = Rewards

We get it, your time is precious. Traditional loyalty programs only reward you after you make a purchase. Pointricity enables partners to reward their customers for their time. It's all about interactions with Pointricity. Visiting a store, completing a survey or joining a sales call takes time and effort and you should be rewarded. That's where Pointricity is better. You engage, you collect points and you can redeem for free stuff. Your time is precious and you should be rewarded. Sign up now. It's completely free!

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Got a question?

We get it. Pointricity is new and different and you might have a question. Here are a list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find your answers here, please feel free to contact us and we will get you an answer!

  • How much does Pointricity cost to join?

    Nothing! Pointricity is absolutely free for members. After you register all you need to do is interact with Pointricity partners at their events. After engaging at these events you will collect points and you are on your way to collect great prizes.

  • How many points do I need to get prizes?

    It all depends on what you want. We want to allow you to cash in early and often and give you five points just for signing up to Pointricity. Usually after your first or second event you can cash in points for a gift card. Or... you could keep collecting to cash in and get a big screen TV. The choice is yours.

  • How do I redeem my points?

    Once you sign up you will be able to browse all the great prizes available. Ranging from gift cards, to electronics to clothing. And we are always adding great new prizes. Once you are ready to redeem just search and click on the prize you want. In a few easy steps you will be able to claim your reward.

  • What if I don't have enough points for the prize I want?

    If you are ready to redeem your points and are a bit light on the required amount, no worries you can easily buy the difference in points. Just select the product as normal and before you check out you'll be asked to provide a credit card to take care of the difference in points.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of times I can redeem?

    The great thing about Pointricity is the more you interact the more you earn. Attending the events from the partner allows you to earn again and again and again. There is no limits to the rewards you can get. You just need to participate.

  • I have a business, how can I use Pointricity to engage my customers?

    It's easy to sign up and use Pointricity to help you better engage customers. We put the control in your hands. Click on "I Want To Be A Pointricity Partner" to get started.