How does Pointricity Work?

Become a Pointricity Partner

Pointricity is a program that rewards behaviour of the conference participants.
As a conference EXHIBITOR you are able to set up promotions or tasks which you want the attendees to do and then assign a set number of points. When the attendee performs the task you scan their phone, award them the points and your account is charged.

Let’s say you want attendees to attend a product demo at your booth. It’s easy. You log-in, set up a promotion called “PRODUCT DEMO”, assign it some reward points, let’s say 20 points and then assign the promotion to sales reps at your both.

When conference attendee comes to your booth and participates in the demo, your booth reps reward them the points.

Pointricity helps improve attendence, engagement and gives you some valuable insight into the behaviours of your customers.

How much does it cost?