Pointricity Is Helping Partners Engage Customers

Create Customer Behaviour That Leads To Revenue With Pointricity

Actions Lead To Engagement

Pointricity allows you to build events that rewards customers for a particular action, like coming into your store

Engagement Leads To Sales

Using Pointricity to reward customers for their actions allows you to build engagement through repeatable behaviours

Sales Lead To On-going Revenue

Building engagement with your customers leads to a long lasting relationship and recurring sales and revenue

It’s EASY To Create Customer Engagement

Step 1 - Create the action

4. Engage The Customer

You customer is alerted to the event and engages with you and your business

Step 5 - Reward the engagement

5. Award The Points

Once the customer engages you can easily look them up and award them the points

Step 6 - Customer Redeems

6. Customer Redeems Points

Customers collect points and can redeem them for prizes and cash. All fulfillment is handled by Pointricity.

Pointricity Has A Solution For Every Industry

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Have More Questions? Don’t Worry, We Have Answers!

You only pay for each point you reward. That’s it. No admin fees, no hidden costs. Each time you award a point your account is automatically charged.

Have a budget? No problem. You can control the amount of points awarded in each promotion and can put limits on each promotion so you can control costs

We make it easy for you to manage and pay for your promotions. When you create your first promotion you will be required to add a credit card. Once your promotion starts, only the points you award are charged to your credit card. You just pay for the points you award. That’s it. No admin fees, no hidden costs.

Pointricity takes care of all the fulfillment of prizing and rewards. At no extra cost to you. It’s all included in the cost per point. Once your customers are ready to exchange points for rewards, we will take care of all the details.