Pointricity For Financial Services

Do you grow your business with referrals?

Does KYC mean better service?

Looking to get more consultations?

Then you need to check out Pointricity!

Know Your Customer To Drive New Sales

Get referrals with Pointricity

Build Referrals. Grow Your Business.

Word-of-mouth marketing still is the most effective type of marketing. Referrals have 30% higher conversion rates than any other channel. (Source: Review42.com)

With Pointricity you can drive new referrals by rewarding customers points when they refer you to friends and family.

Referrals will grow your business and when you use Pointricity you can generate referrals easily.

Know Your Customer… Better.

It’s important to Know Your Customer. Not just for regulatory reasons but to grow your business.

Data is the new oxygen, you need it for your business to grow. Pointricity can help you build out robust profiles of your customer, that you can use to offer relevant products and services.

With Pointricity, you can offer points to your customers to complete surveys that give you valuable insights to grow your business.

Use Pointricity to Know Your Customer
Grow Consultations with Pointricity

Get More Consultations

We get it. Lead generation is one of the most challenging parts of your job.

You know your products are great and you offer stellar service, you just need to get the door open to explain the service you can provide. That’s where Pointricity can help.

Reward points to potential customers when they set up meetings with you. Pointricity lets you create actions that will lead to revenue and business growth.

Interested? Want To Learn More?

Hey, we get it. The idea sounds great, but you might want more information. Feel free to reach out to us to ask us how we can help you grow your business. We are experts in engagement and would love to help. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you right away. Best part? It’s absolutely free!

Wait, There Is So Much More

So how much does Pointricity cost? $1 (plus HST) per point you award. That’s it. No admin fees, No set up fees. $1, that’s it. You decide how many points you reward per promotion and you can even put a limit on each promotion so you don’t go over your budget. But wait, you get so much more for your dollar than just rewarding points. You get valuable data and customer insights, access to members to promote your events and complete reward fulfillment services. All for just $1 per point!

Data and Customer Insights

Data is the new oxygen. Every business needs data to survive. When you use Pointricity you will get access to valuable customer behavioural data and insights that can grow a business. We act as your ‘data warehouse’ and provide you with useful insights to those customers whom interact with your event. It’s all included in the $1 per point.

Access To New Customers

When you create your events you can promote them to the entire Pointricity member base. Absolutely free. The more members who engage means the bigger audience for your event. We are constantly introducing your event to new customers with every new promotion you create. It’s all included in the $1 per point.

More Customers With Pointricity
Pointricity takes care of fulfillment

Rewards and Fulfillment

Pointricity takes care of all the details when your customer is ready to redeem their points for prizes. You don’t have to worry about anything. Pointricity manages all aspects of the redemption including the prizing, the fulfillment and the customer service. We take care of all the details so you don’t have to. It’s all included in the $1 per point.

IT’S A FACT: Actions Lead To Revenue

Referrals Lead To More Business

Use Pointricity to get High-Net-Worth Clients

According to a Spectrem Group Survey over 44% of High-Net-Worth clients found their wealth manager through referral.

Referrals work and allow you to tap into a very profitable market.

Increasing your referrals is easy with Pointricity. Leverage your current customer based and reward them points for referring your products and service.

Use Pointricity to increase referrals and grow your business.

Use What Works

Generate leads and phone calls with Pointricity

With the on-set of digital channels, the reality is that phone calls still work. A recent study from BIA/Kelsey found that phone calls convert 10 to 15 time more than web leads.

Now, we certainly agree that digital must be part of your marketing mix, but it’s important that you are able to drive traffic to channels with high conversion. Pointricity can help you drive conversion.

Reward potential customers points when they set up a phone or in-person consultation to help you grow revenue.