Get Rewarded For Your Efforts

We get it. We know, as a customer, your time is precious. Pointricity believes that your time and effort is so precious that you should be rewarded for it. Our retailer partners know that as well. That’s where Pointricity comes in. Pointricity picks up where traditional loyalty programs stop. Pointricity enables retailers, service providers and event organizers to reward customers for their behaviour. Pointricity let’s you earn points for visiting a store, getting a quote, joining a webinar or making a referral. Your actions are important and you should be rewarded.

Kinda like Chuck E. Cheese… but better

Remember as a kid you would go wild playing all the games and collect as many tickets as possible. You would collect them in that plastic cup and then take them to the counter to exchange them for a prize. Well that sorta like Pointricity, except our prizes are better than a plastic toy soldier.

Designed to help retailers engage customers

Founded in 2020, we became incredibly frustrated with the inability to engage customers for doing things that were just as important to a business as making a purchase. See, traditional loyalty programs only reward customers for making a purchase. Marketing programs would do a great job at building awareness for the business, but would fall short in generating customer actions. There was a gap and Pointricity was designed to fill that gap for small and large businesses.

Pointricity allows business owners, big and small to reward their customers. Whether it’s your favourite clothing chain or the local plumber, Pointricity is able to help all and every business reward their customers for taking positive actions.