Reward and Recognize Your Staff

Struggling to retain employees?

Is getting training rolled out a chore?

Want to attract talent?

Then create a recognition program with Pointricity!

Employee Recognition Leads To Retention

Retain employees through peer recognition

Reward And Recognize Your Employees

It’s a fact, when you recognize employees they are less likely to leave and more importantly will go that extra mile when needed.

Pointricity is easy to use and incredibly flexible. You can be up an running in under 10 minutes and can reward your employees easily for any action. Whether it’s taking an engagement survey or exceeding your monthly KPI or maybe they deliver exceptional customer service, Pointricity allows you to reward those employees that help your business grow.

The best part is that Pointricity is a turn-key, end-to-end solution. All you have to do is sign up, create the action and Pointricity and we take care of everything from there, including rewarding the points and reward fulfillment. That way, you can focus your time on your employees.

Incentivize Employees For Attending Training

Getting employees to attend training, workshops or webinars is tough. We get it. It’s important to keep them engaged, but how?

Pointricity is here to help you. Once you organize the workshop, incentivize your employees to attend by rewarding points from Pointricity.

Pointricity is flexible enough to use for virtual or in-person events whether it’s training, an employee feedback survey or workshop.

Create engaging training sessions with Pointricity
Reward Employees For Going Above And Beyond

Create Actions That Lead to Growth

The pandemic has changed the workplace. While many companies have adapted to Work From Home, there are still times you need people in the office.

Whether it’s coming into the office or attending a meeting, use Pointricity to create those positive actions and reward employees. When employees are rewarded they will stay longer. It’s a fact.

Why is Pointricity different? Not only can the employee earn rewards in the office, but also from a variety of other businesses, meaning they get rewards, faster.

Interested? Want To Learn More?

Hey, we get it. The idea of rewarding and recognizing your employees is exactly what you need, but you aren’t quite sure where to start?. No worries, we are here to help. Feel free to reach out to us and we will work with you to put together a program that will help you retain employees. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you right away. Best part? It’s absolutely free!

Wait, There Is So Much More

So how much does Pointricity cost? $1 (plus HST) per point you award. That’s it. No admin fees, No set up fees. $1, that’s it. You decide how many points you reward per promotion and you can even put a limit on each promotion so you don’t go over your budget. But wait, you get so much more for your dollar than just rewarding points. You get valuable data and customer insights, access to members to promote your events and complete reward fulfillment services. All for just $1 per point!

Data and Customer Insights

Data is the new oxygen. Every business needs data to survive. When you use Pointricity you will get access to valuable customer behavioural data and insights that can grow a business. We act as your ‘data warehouse’ and provide you with useful insights to those customers whom interact with your event. It’s all included in the $1 per point.

Access To New Customers

When you create your events you can promote them to the entire Pointricity member base. Absolutely free. The more members who engage means the bigger audience for your event. We are constantly introducing your event to new customers with every new promotion you create. It’s all included in the $1 per point.

More Customers With Pointricity
Pointricity takes care of fulfillment

Rewards and Fulfillment

Pointricity takes care of all the details when your customer is ready to redeem their points for prizes. You don’t have to worry about anything. Pointricity manages all aspects of the redemption including the prizing, the fulfillment and the customer service. We take care of all the details so you don’t have to. It’s all included in the $1 per point.

IT’S A FACT: Recognition Means Retention

Recognize Often And Retain Your Employees

63% of employees are unlikely to look elsewhere when recognized

According to a HR Technologist Survey 63% of employees are very unlikely to look for another job when recognized by their employer.

With the time and cost required to hire and on-board new employees being so high, it pays to retain your existing workforce.

That’s where Pointricity can help. Create a peer recognition program, that allows your employees to recognize and reward those team members who go above and beyond.

Use Pointricity to recognize and reward your employees and reduce costly churn.

Sometimes It’s Not All About Cash

65% of employees prefer merch over cash

Everyone works for to put food on the table, but sometimes those rewards don’t need to be just cash.

A 2021 survey from ApolloTechnical revealed that 65% of employees strongly agree that merchandise and travelled rewards from employers are remembered longer than cash.

That’s where Pointricity is better. The employee is able to collect points at work and other business and then cash those points in for what they want. Cash, gift cards, clothing, electronics, trips, whatever they want. You are truly giving your employees a reward they will remember.

We can even work with you to offer unique experiences and rewards for your employees!