Create Memorable Moments With Pointricity

Want to make your event unique?

Do you need to increase attendance?

Want to increase engagement?

Then Pointricity will work for you!

Take Your Event To The Next Level

Exhibitors have a unique way to engage attendees and gain qualified leads

Attendees actively collect points and leave the conference with massive prizes

Planners create a memorable experience for all, which leads to returning Attendees and Exhibitors

Easily Improve Attendance and Engagement

Use Pointricity to make your next event or conference unique and stand out

Make Your Event Unique

Trying to make your event stand-out and be different? With Pointricity you can reward attendees when they attend sessions, sign-up for webinars or register for the event early. Attendees then can redeem these points for great prizes.

That’s just the beginning. During the event your Exhibitors can also leverage Pointricity to create effective interactions with attendees. Check out below!

Use Pointricity to make your event stand-out and leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Be different. It works!

Engagement For Your Exhibitors

Whether a training seminar or a large trade show, it’s important that you exhibitors are getting value from your event. Good news! Pointricity is here to help.

For your next event let your exhibitors use Pointricity to reward members for attending sessions, visiting booths or setting up sales meetings.

Your vendors will get the results they want and your attendees will get the rewards!

Use Pointricity to make your next virtual or in-person event more engaging.

Virtual Or In-Person

The pandemic made us realize that online events are on the rise. Here’s the good news, Pointricity can support your virtual and in-person events!

Pointricity’s multi-channel platform allows event organizers to reward attendees for virtual or in-person conferences. Whether your session is in a conference center or in a Zoom room, Pointricity will allow you to increase attendance and improve engagement.

Make your next event stand-out with Pointricity.

Interested? Want To Learn More?

Hey, we get it. The idea sounds great, but you might want more information. Feel free to reach out to us to ask us how we can make your event or conference stand-out. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you right away. Best part? It’s absolutely free!

It’s EASY To Create Customer Engagement

Wait, There Is So Much More

So how much does Pointricity cost? $1 (plus HST) per point you award. That’s it. No admin fees, No set up fees. $1, that’s it. Your exhibitors decide how many points they reward per promotion and can even put a limit on each promotion so it remains under budget. But wait, three is so much more. Each exhibitor gets valuable data and customer insights, access to members to promote future events and complete reward fulfillment services. All for just $1 per point!

Data and Customer Insights

Data is the new oxygen. Every business needs data to survive. When you use Pointricity you will get access to valuable customer behavioural data and insights that can grow a business. We act as your ‘data warehouse’ and provide you with useful insights to those customers whom interact with your event. It’s all included in the $1 per point.

Access To New Customers

When you create your events you can promote them to the entire Pointricity member base. Absolutely free. The more members who engage means the bigger audience for your event. We are constantly introducing your event to new customers with every new promotion you create. It’s all included in the $1 per point.

More Customers With Pointricity
Pointricity takes care of fulfillment

Rewards and Fulfillment

Pointricity takes care of all the details when your customer is ready to redeem their points for prizes. You don’t have to worry about anything. Pointricity manages all aspects of the redemption including the prizing, the fulfillment and the customer service. We take care of all the details so you don’t have to. It’s all included in the $1 per point.

IT’S A FACT: Engaging Customers Works

Engagement Is The Strategy

According to a survey in 2020 63% of event marketers believe that tools to engage attendees will be key in their event strategies in the future.

Engagement at events is key to realizing the necessary ROI.

Creating engagement at your next event is easy with Pointricity. Create the action and reward the points. It’s that simple

Conquer The Engagement Challenge

Pointricity solves event challenges and builds engagement and interactions with attendees

According to a 2021 Markletic report “audience engagement is the largest challenge when it comes to virtual events. The next biggest challenge is interaction“. Using Pointricity at your next event will allow you to conquer these challenges.

You and your exhibitors can use Pointricity to create and reward any action leading to increased engagement.

Attend a session, book a sales meeting or visit a booth/room, create engagement at your next event with Pointricity.