Pointricity For Real Estate

Do you rely on referrals to grow your business?

Do you want more buyers at your open house?

Are you looking for more listings?

Then Pointricity will work for you!

Easily Create Behaviour That Leads To Sales

Pointricity For Open House

Increase Attendance At Your Open House

Use Pointricity to increase attendance at your open houses. Reward points to those buyers who attend your open house. Even better with Pointricity you can do virtual open houses through Zoom to increase your reach for out of town buyers.

Impress your sellers and fill those open houses with potential buyers using Pointricity.

Increase Customer Referrals

Does your business depend on customer referrals? Are you looking to increase powerful word-of-mouth marketing? Pointricity can help. Reward customers points every time they refer family or friends to you.

Grow your business quickly and easily via customer referrals with Pointricity.

Pointricity For Referrals
Pointricity To Increase Listings

Get More Listings

Trying to differentiate yourself in a saturated market? Do you want a bigger piece of the ‘listings pie’? Use Pointricity. Reward customers points every time they list their property with you.

Increase the number of monthly listings and grow your commissions by using Pointricity to get more listings.

Interested? Want To Learn More?

Hey, we get it. The idea sounds great, but you might want more information. Or maybe you have a few ideas you want to bounce off the marketing brain trust at Pointricity. We would be more than happy to help. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you right away. Best part? It’s absolutely free!

Wait, There Is So Much More

So how much does Pointricity cost? $1 (plus HST) per point you award. That’s it. No admin fees, No set up fees. $1, that’s it. You decide how many points you reward per promotion and you can even put a limit on each promotion so you don’t go over your budget. But wait, you get so much more your dollar than just rewarding points. You get valuable data and customer insights, access to members to promote your events and complete reward fulfillment services. All for just $1 per point!

Data and Customer Insights

Data is the new oxygen. Every business needs data to survive. When you use Pointricity you will get access to valuable customer behavioural data and insights that can grow a business. We act as your ‘data warehouse’ and provide you with useful insights to those customers whom interact with your event. It’s all included in the $1 per point.

Access To New Customers

When you create your events you can promote them to the entire Pointricity member base. Absolutely free. The more members who engage means the bigger audience for your event. We are constantly introducing your event to new customers with every new promotion you create. It’s all included in the $1 per point.

More Customers With Pointricity
Pointricity takes care of fulfillment

Rewards and Fulfillment

Pointricity takes care of all the details when your customer is ready to redeem their points for prizes. You don’t have to worry about anything. Pointricity manages all aspects of the redemption including the prizing, the fulfillment and the customer service. We take care of all the details so you don’t have to. It’s all included in the $1 per point.

IT’S A FACT: Engaging Customers Works

Word-Of-Mouth Works

92% trust family and friend suggestions

According to the Nielsen Trust in Advertising Survey 92% of customers trust family and friend suggestions over any other form of advertising.

Customer referrals are powerful and lead to sales.

Use Pointricity to reward customers for these powerful referrals and grow your business.

Agents Are Using Data To Engage

63% of real estate agents are adopting data analytics

In the Price Waterhouse and Cooper’s 2022 Emerging Trends In Real Estate, 63% of real estate companies have extensively adopted Data Analytics over the past year.

Data is the new oxygen and vital to business success.

When you use Pointricity you get access to valuable customer behavioural data and insights that will help you grow your business