February 1st to 3rd, 2024

Visit Booths. Collect Points. Get Free Stuff!

Step 5 - Reward the engagement

Yes, it’s that easy. This year the CRA is partnering with Pointricity for The National Rental Show.

When you join Pointricity for this year’s show, you will be able to collect points anytime you visit an select Exhibitor’s booths.

With each interaction you will collect points. The more points you collect, the bigger the prize you get. You can redeem points for electronics, cash, gift cards or event trips. Best part? IT’S COMPLETELY FREE FOR YOU.

Wait, what? Free Stuff for Visiting Booths?

Yes, it’s that easy. Once you sign up for Pointricity at the CRA National Rental Show you can seek out those exhibitors who are giving out points. Once you find them and interact you will be rewarded points for the interaction. The more points you collect the better free stuff you can get!

Where To Get Points?

Get 5 points (that’s enough for a Tim Horton’s gift card, free!) for visiting the CRA booth and chatting about programs

Get 10 points when you sign up up as a new member!

Get 10 points when you visit the PREXA booth and get a demo of their rental management software that will help you run your business!

See Rae at Diamond Products and get 10 points for just for visiting his booth

If you make a purchase from Diamond Products you will get 25 points

Get 5 points just for visiting the Pointricity booth and saying ‘hi’

Get 10 points for taking a selfie at the Pointricity booth and posting it on social media!

Get 20 points for chatting with a Pointricity team member about using Pointricity to reward your front-line workers