February 1st to 3rd, 2024

More Engagement. More Leads. More Business.

Pointricity is joining the CRA this year to help exhibitors like you generate more leads and more business at the 2024 National Rental Show.

Pointricity is a loyalty program made especially for events like the National Rental Show. It allows you, to reward attendees for visiting your booth, attending a product demo at the show or even reward them for signing a contract!

In short, with Pointricity you can REWARD ACTIONS that LEAD TO REVENUE!

This is the ‘New SWAG’!

It’s sustainable. It’s data driven. It’s innovative.

Once you register for Pointricity, you are in control. You are able to reward attendees at the show for engaging with you and your product. This will help your business grow and allow you to gather valuable lead data.

It’s simple. You create a promotion and you decide how many points you want to reward to the attendee each time that action is completed. That could be something simple like a booth visit, or you could reward attendees when they book a follow up meeting or even if they book your service at the show.

Once you decide the ACTION you decide how many points to reward for the action. You decide how many points to reward. For each point you reward you will be charged $1 per point. For example, if you want to reward 5 points every time someone visits your booth, your credit card will automatically be charged $5 each reward (5 points X $1 =$5). Have a spending limit? No worries, we have you covered. For each promotion you can set a budget, meaning you will never go over your planned budget.

Once you set up your promotions, you can engage with attendees at the show. When they arrive at your booth and perform the desired action, you log-in to your account and reward the the attendee points by using their mobile phone number.

The great thing about Pointricity is not only can you promote positive behaviour, but each time you reward an attendee points you gather valuable contact information about that lead which you can leverage to build your business. You reward positive behaviour that generates sales AND gain valuable lead data. All on a single platform!

When Attendees collect these points from you and other exhibitors they can redeem the points for free stuff like gift cards, electronics, apparel and even trips! Best part is Pointricity takes care of all the fulfillment and shipping of the prizes. You don’t have to worry about anything! It truly is the ‘New SWAG’!

It’s Easy To Get Set Up On Pointricity

How To Register As A Pointricity Partner

How To Set Up A Pointricity Partner Account

How To Create A Pointricity Promotion

How To Create A Pointricity Promotion

How To Add A Representative To Your Promotion/Account

How To Reward Points To An Attendee

Need Some Ideas?

We completely understand this is a new idea and will take some time to get your head around. It’s okay, we want to help. Below are a few ideas you could use as promotions to jump start your 2024 show!

Booth Visit

Reward attendees 5 points for visiting your booth during the show


Get foot traffic to your booth

Build a lead list for future marketing

Get exposure for your product or service

Product Demo

Reward attendees 10 points for viewing your product or service (whether in person or via video)


Get exposure for your product or service

Build a qualified lead list for future marketing

Follow Up Meeting

Reward attendees 10 points for booking and attending a follow up meeting after the show


Continue the engagement with the attendee after the show

Continue the sales cycle towards purchase

Refer A Friend

Reward attendees 15 points if they bring another attendee to your booth during the show


Increase booth traffic at the show

Leverage the most effective method of advertising, word-of-mouth

Add to your marketing lead list

Submit A RFP/Quote

Reward attendees 20 points if submit an RFP or ask for quote for your product/services at the show


Build your sales pipeline

One step closer to a sale

Get valuable marketing data

Sign A Deal At The Show

Close the deal on the show floor and reward attendees 50 points if sign with you at the CRA National Rental show


Closed sales and revenue!

Build your client list

Create buzz at the show for other possible sales

Take A Selfie

Reward attendees 10 points if they take a ‘selfie’ in front of your booth and post it to their social media feed


Viral promotion of your brand

Create a visual buzz at your booth