Jaya loved it!

This is a small token to say a big thank you

-Jaya Jackson’s parents (Greg & Angela)

Hi Meredith & Lydia – apologies for this overdue Thank You. Jaya had a fantastic time at Camp Wenonah earlier this summer. You were both great leaders and Jaya is lucky to have had you as her dedicated Cabin Staff. As a small token of appreciation, wanted to send you off with something to treat yourself with. Best of luck to you both for the rest of the summer.

If you registered, you can go to the dashboard and redeem your gift. Or save your points for later- whatever you’d like. Below is a bit more on my company (please spread the word if you like it!)


Greg Jackson & Angela Sethi

I realize this may seem offbeat so let me give you a bit of a backstory. Before COVID, I found there was a real need for businesses and people to reward each other for behaviour. Businesses are people, after all, and what’s better than people honouring people. While traditional loyalty programs reward individuals for transactions, I’ve created a program in Pointricity that rewards people for their actions. My hope is that it’s something that takes off.

So what does this mean? As a small token of my appreciation, I wanted to gift you 20 points. And if this is your first time engaging with Pointricity, you will also get 5 points just for joining. So you already have 25 points! You can continue to collect these points (at future campaigns & events) or you can cash them in right away on the site. Prizes range from gift cards to electronics to trips. The choice is up to you! You can check out the video below to learn more.

I wanted to find a unique way to say ‘thank-you’. Click on the dashboard link to register and then make your selection. I hope you savour whichever gift you redeem your points for.


-Angela & Greg (AGKJ)

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