Increase Sales With Engaged Retail Staff

Need to reduce staff turnover?

Looking for an easy way to reward and engage your teams?

Want to create improve overall performance?

Then you need Pointricity!

Your Vital Link To Revenue

Your retail staff play a pivotal role in creating exceptional customer experiences and driving sales. With Pointricity, retailers can effortlessly reward their frontline heroes who embody dedication, passion, and exceptional service.

Our user-friendly platform allows managers to incentivize outstanding performance, boosting morale and fostering a culture of appreciation.

Whether it’s celebrating top sales achievers or rewarding exceptional customer service, Pointricity empowers retailers to nurture their most valuable asset—their employees.

You Can Get Started In Under 10 Minutes

Pointricity is so easy to use that you can sign up and be rewarding your employees in under 10 minutes. We promise!

No integration

No contract

No upfront commitment

    Plus, you only pay for the points you reward, meaning no admin fee.

    Your Staff Will Love Pointricity

    A Recognition Program Built For Retail

    Pointricity was built for retailers. Whether QSR, financial institutions or traditional retail, Pointricity allows you to keep your frontline workers engaged and productive.

    With Pointricty, HR Leaders can create the actions, set the budget and then assign to Store Managers to reward those retail workers that go above and beyond.

    Pointricity takes care of all the work so you can concentrate on your day to day business. And it all only costs $1 per point!

    Recognition Works!

    Rewarding your retail staff means better business. Here’s proof:

    According to a study by Gallup, companies that effectively engage their employees achieve 20% higher sales than those that don’t.

    According to a report by O.C. Tanner, companies that effectively recognize their employees experience a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate.

    Harvard Business Review revealed that organizations with highly engaged employees, often a result of recognition efforts, experience a 14% increase in productivity.

    It’s Easy To Get Started

    Pointricity works and is easy to use. There really is trying the platform to recognize and reward your staff.

    Contact us to find out how Pointricity can help your business. If you are attending the Future Of Work Conference in Toronto on March 5th and 6th, drop by our booth and collect 15 points which you can immediately redeem for a Starbucks or Tim Hortons gift card. Yes, it’s that easy!