Pointricity Helps Canadian Logistics Leader Achieve Outstanding Employee Satisfaction


Fostering a positive work environment and cultivating employee satisfaction are paramount to organizational success. Employee recognition programs have emerged as a vital tool for companies aiming to boost morale, enhance productivity, and reduce turnover rates. However, the effectiveness of such programs hinges on their accessibility and ease of use.

This case study delves into the transformative journey of leading logistics company that sought to elevate its employee satisfaction levels through the implementation of a simplistic and user-friendly recognition platform.

With a strategic focus on simplicity and measurable outcomes, the company partnered with Pointricity, an easy-to-use platform designed to recognize and reward employees for positive actions. Pointricity was engaged to create a culture of recognition, where appreciation was not only encouraged but also effortlessly facilitated.

This article will outline the implementation strategies, and outcomes of the company’s initiative to enhance employee satisfaction through Pointricity.

This case study will uncover insights into how a commitment to simplicity and results can drive significant improvements in employee satisfaction and organizational success.


The client is a leader in last mile delivery in Canada. With a national, hybrid (remote and on-site) workforce across Canada, it is one of the fastest growing logistics companies in the country.

Pointricity is a turnkey employee recognition platform that allows employers to easily recognize and reward employees for positive actions that grow their business. With Pointricity, employers are able to easily incentivize their employees to perform actions and reward points when the employee completes the action.

Employees are able to collect points and redeem the points for free prizes ranging from gift cards, electronics and even vacations.

With no upfront commitment, no admin fees and no integration, Pointricity enables employers to get up and running in under 10 minutes improving engagement, employee satisfaction and productivity

The Challenge

Under new Human Resources leadership in 2023, the client was looking for a way to proactively keep head office employees and independent contractors engaged to reduce turnover, improve satisfaction and increase productivity. The HR department was looking for a simplistic, yet flexible solution that would allow them to reward both head office employees and independent contractors who were often remote, across the country. The HR team wanted a platform that would allow them to reward employees and independent contractors for participating in surveys and recognize those team members for milestones like tenure or going above and beyond.

With a fast-paced growing business to manage, the Human Resources department were also looking for a platform that was easy to manage on a day-to-day basis.

The client believes that an engaged workplace is essential to their success. Their workplace is a collaborative and innovative work environment and are eager to explore new ideas and technologies to stay ahead of the curve in the logistics industry.

At the core, the client believes that taking care of employees is essential to the company’s success and they are committed to recognizing, rewarding and supporting their team to to thrive in their careers and personal lives

The Solution

The program with Pointricity started in March 2023 with a focus to recognize and reward employees.

“We really liked Pointricity because there was no upfront commitment like other platforms. The ability to only pay for the points we rewarded our employees and independent contractors and have no other admin fees helped us ‘seal the deal’ with our Executive Committee”, said the VP, Human Resources.

Pointricity is designed to reward actions. Employers are able to create an action they want the employee to perform and allocate a number of points that the employee will collect once they perform that action. The collection of the points by the employee builds continuous engagement and continuous improvement as the more points the employees collect (for performing actions) the better and bigger reward the employee can receive.

The client was able to leverage Pointricity for a variety of actions including completion of employee engagement surveys, work anniversaries and reward employees who went above and beyond and collaborated with co-workers to deliver results.

The Implementation

Getting results quickly was important to the new HR leadership. Once there was agreement to move forward with Pointricity, the client’s Human Resources team met with the Pointricity team over a 15 minute webinar to set up the first action they wanted to reward.

“It was amazing at how fast we were able to register and set up our first reward in Pointricity“, said the HR Manager. “The platform is very intuitive. Within 10 minutes the team at Pointricity was able to set up our promotion and start sending out emails to our employees and independent contractors with the call to action. After the team at Pointricity set up the first one, we are able to easily understand how it’s done and set up our own.”

To kick off the program and to celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day, the client rewarded each employee 50 points.

“We took them through the simple steps of setting up their first promotion”, says Pointricity Co-Founder Angela Sethi. “This included naming the promotion, setting a maximum spend budget and allocating how many points for each reward (50)”.

“Once the promotion was set up the the client’s HR team entered all the employee emails, clicked “Submit” and the they were done with their first promotion”.

Within 24 hours of the emails being sent out , employees were already redeeming the points for free merchandise ranging from Starbucks and Tim Hortons’ gift cards to cash to electronics.

“We were pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was and how well received it was by our employees”, commented the VP, Human Resources. “When we ran the Employee Appreciate Day promotion, Pointricity was creating a buzz around the office”

Over the course of 2023, the client created 34 events for recognition across a wide range of actions, here is a sampling:

  • 10 points for completing Employee Engagement Surveys (providing HR with feedback)
  • 50 points for prizes in team building exercises (like Best Costume at Halloween)
  • 100 points for those employees that exhibited Corporate Values like collaboration or stepping up and helping others
  • 150 points to employees celebrating work anniversaries
  • plus many more that allowed the client to reward and recognize their workforce

“It was so nice to be able to use the same platform for so many rewards during the year”, said the HR Manager. “The added bonus was for our team building events, we rewarded points and didn’t have to go out and buy gifts. Plus our staff loved it because they could collect the points and get something they actually wanted”.

Over the course of the year the client spent under $10,000 on the program (well under their budget).

The Results

To fully measure the impact of the program, data was collected directly from the Pointricity platform. To further understand and validate the results both Pointricity and the client sent out surveys to the employees.

The client sent out 34 promotions during the year. They rewarded over 6,200 points and achieved an impressive, average conversion rate of 74% – meaning 74% of team members actively participated in the promotions. This number included head office and independent contractors across the country. It is also important to note that emails were sent to a combination of corporate emails (for head office employees) and personal emails (for independent contractors).

*Source: Pointricity Platform Analytics

Over the course of 2023 the client’s employees who collected points for performing positive actions, redeemed their collected points over 65 times for a variety of free things, ranging from Starbucks gift cards to Amazon gift cards to Beats Headphones to cash.

*Source: Pointricity Platform Analytics

Angela Sethi, Co-founder of Pointricity commented on the results of the first year, “We were very happy with the engagement of the employees on the platform, it was quite obvious that the employees loved the ‘gamification’ of collecting points and having the ability to select the free stuff they wanted. The the client’s HR team loved the fact that Pointricity handled all aspects of redemption fulfillment, which meant one less thing the the client’s HR team had to take care of”. Sethi further commented about wanting to get additional validation of the results, “We wanted to do a deeper dive into the impact of the program so we sent out a survey to the employees at the end of 2023, rewarding each employee 10 points for completing the survey, to get additional feedback and we were very happy with the insights.”

In December 2023, Pointricity asked the client’s employees the following question: “On a scale of 1 (very poor) to 5 (excellent), How would you rate the value of your prize based on what you had to do to collect points and redeem?”

The average rating was a 4.29 out of 5, showing that the employees feel that their actions were fairly rewarded.

Another question on the survey asked staff: “Since Pointricity has been used at your workplace , how has your impression of your employer changed as a place to work?”

An incredible 42% of respondents said their impression of the employer was Better or Much Better due to Pointricity.

“We were thrilled with these responses from the the client’s team”, said Sethi. “This was a true indication that using Pointricity can improve your employee satisfaction and engagement.”

“When we saw the results from the year end Employee Survey sent out by the client, we were even more impressed!”, finished Sethi.

At the end of 2023 the client sent out an anonymous survey to all employees rewarding them 10 points for completion. The results were incredibly impressive.

When asked to rate this statement: “I would recommend <the client> to my friends as an employer” (aka eNPS) a remarkable 92% Agreed or Strongly Agreed with the statement. This gives the client an incredible +92 eNPS.

To put that into perspective eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) is measured on a scale from -100 to +100. A “good” eNPS is considered anything in the range of +10 to +30. An “excellent” eNPS is in the range of +50 to +70. The client is at an industry leading +92!

Further more, when the survey asked employees to rate this statement: “I am recognized fairly for my contributions”, a sizable 73% of employees Agreed or Strongly Agreed with the statement.

“A 73% agreement with the recognition statement really resonated with us”, said Pointricity Co-founder, Angela Sethi. “We built this platform to meet the need in the marketplace to easily and consistently reward and recognize employees so companies can improve employee engagement and overall satisfaction.”


It is vitally important for organizations to create a positive and engaging corporate culture to enable success. When you consistently recognize your employees for their efforts there is a direct correlation to employee satisfaction and engagement. The client’s employee satisfaction score of +92 shows the results of constantly recognizing and rewarding employees.

As a national organization with both head office and independent contractors, the client needed a recognition platform that was simple to manage on a day-to-day basis in order to consistently recognize and reward employees. They found that platform in Pointricity.

“I think the best indication that Pointricity is a ‘must-have platform’ to engage your employees, improve employee satisfaction and grow your business is the fact that the client has decided to continue using Pointricity in 2024 and continue their incredible growth”, said Sethi. She added, “The client has created an extraordinary corporate culture with amazing results and we are so happy to continue to support them on their transformation journey”

The client’s Year End Survey had an open comments section and this comment from one of the employees really stood out and speaks to the incredible culture that the client has created and the impact of Pointricity:

The HR department specifically has truly created an incredible corporate culture and environment – full of fun and collaboration. I cannot compliment enough the wonderful team engagement events that were executed in 2023, can’t wait for the 2024 festivities. I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful organization who values it’s employees and culture as much as <the client> does!!!”

-employee 2023 year end survey

Want to build an incredible culture that will lead to improved employee satisfaction scores and better engagement? Contact the team at Pointricity right now to learn how we can get you up and running on your transformative journey in under 10 minutes. No upfront commitment, no admin fees and no integration.

Article Written by:

Dave Stevens

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