Pointricity is here to help consumers earn and businesses grow.

Pointricity is changing how loyalty works

Pointricity is a new innovative app that changes how loyalty works. Ever notice that they only way you can collect traditional loyalty points is by making a purchase? While that’s great, as a consumer your time and actions are also important and quite frankly you should be rewarded for spending your time and effort with retailers.


Our goal at Pointricity is to connect businesses and consumers. We empower our partners to reward consumers for their time and effort. You can sort of say we are democratizing earning.

As a consumer we know your time and effort is valuable and in demand. Our partners know that when you visit a store, set up a sales meeting or get a quote it helps their business grow. So Pointricity has created a platform that allows businesses to reward customers for taking actions that help their business grow, while at the same time allowing customers to get rewards for spending time and actions with businesses. It’s a win-win for both!

The best part is that for customers, Pointricity is absolutely free. All you need to do is sign-up and attend the events that our partners create.

The more events you attend, the more points you collect. You can then exchange those points for cash, gift cards, electronics, trips and more. Pointricity is truly rewarding you for your time and actions

We are now live and adding partners and events every day so keeping checking back and join as we revolutionize engagement and loyalty for everyone!

“Increasing CUSTOMER RETENTION rates by 5% can increase profit 25% to 95%”

Bain and Company Research

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Article Written by:

Dave Stevens