Can the great resignation be solved through better employee recognition

Is The Great Resignation Easy To Solve?

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So much has been made about “The Great Resignation” during this pandemic. The pandemic has forced employees to re-evaluate their employment and make some major life changes. Some industries are seeing significant employee churn as people are leaving for new jobs. There are various reasons why this is happening. People are leaving for more money at other jobs, the ability to work 100% from home or the fact that the pandemic has made them re-examine priorities in their life and they are looking for a different work environment. However one of the common themes that constantly comes up is work place culture or environment. This article from the BBC sheds some light on why employees are leaving.

Recognized Employees Will Work Harder and Stay Longer

There are some interesting stats in the BBC article. In April 2021 over 650,000 retailer works quit their job in the US according to the Labor Department. Many workers who left claim they were burnt out, forced to work longer hours with little to no safety measures put in place.

Some employees were asked ‘would they take a pay cut to work for a company that aligns with their values’ and across the board the answer was ‘yes’.

According to a 2019 HR Technologist survey, 63% of employees are very unlikely to look for another job when recognized

63% of employees are unlikely to look elsewhere when recognized

While pay is definitely important so is the culture at the company. Recognizing and rewarding the employees properly when they go above and beyond and put in the extra effort allows you to build a desirable culture and stop the churn. Churn is expensive. It takes six to nine months to on-board someone to be fully effective. The BBC article claims that ‘companies that don’t invest in their people will fall behind’.

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